"SportsMind is a leadership management firm for Fortune 100 companies. We rely on Eagle Eye's expertise to ensure our mark of excellence. Since finding Eagle Eye, we have used them exclusively, relying on their finely tuned attention to detail, thoroughness, and ability to restructure verbiage creatively without losing context."
-Sal Orear, Production Manager, SportsMind, USA

"It feels as if you were in my mind figuring out what I wanted to say or write. Just perfect. Thank you for a thorough job. I trust your ability."
-Peter Amah, Nigeria

"You made my day! English is my second language and it is sometimes difficult when switching the gears in writing from one language to another. I cannot express how much I appreciate your time and feedback."
-Kawkab S., Jordan

"Since we started using Eagle Eye Editing we can now shift our focus back to what is really important -- running our business! We have a general rule at Skyhawks: any important letter, document, or publication must first go to Eagle Eye for editing. What makes Eagle Eye invaluable to our business is the quality of their editing and the timeliness of their responses. They always meet (or beat) our deadlines, always make us sound better, and always go above and beyond the call of duty."
-Chris Stiles, Executive Vice President, Skyhawks Sports, USA

"This is GREAT! It is exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for doing such a nice job. You added just the right element of levity, and the result is a 'kinder and gentler' document. We plan to use it as is."
-Rob Hahn, PCSHS Health Care, USA

"I greatly appreciate not only your high level of service, but also your strong sense of responsibility. I know I need to improve my writing skill in English, and you have helped me a lot. I greatly appreciate your excellent proofreading."
-Takako S., Japan

"VESi develops and produces graduate level continuing education courses that require editing for content as well as grammatical and linguistic errors. I have found Eagle Eye's work to be exceptional in all areas, including a strong ability to meet critical timelines."
-Mick Jackson, CEO, Virtual Education Software, USA

"I am in total awe of your work. I had no idea it would be so thorough! And I am learning all kinds of things, too - I really appreciate your work."
-Trish Pilcher, USA

"Thanks for your great editing!"
-Amna A., Oman

"When you present educational seminars, it's essential that your information be accurate. Eagle Eye provides quick and skillful proofreading that helps us maintain our credibility."
-Bob Radecki, President, A.E. Roberts Company, USA

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